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Sandra Morgan was born on January 7th, in the beautiful city Chicago. She grew in a modern home raised by her Grandmother, Pennie Ficklin.  Growing up in Chicago was an awesome time for Sandra. According to her, she says “Living in Chicago during her era was like living in the suburbs of recent time”. She had a variety of merriment memories of her times growing up in the pleasing area of Englewood. She remembers the walks to the 63rd & Halsted Plaza for shopping, the Evergreen Green Plaza Mall, the library on 95th, and the Saturday nights skating at the one and only “The Rink''. Those times were some of the best experiences for Sandra. In the year of 1990, Sandra had her first child, Markisha Everett. Being a teenage mother was an acceptable experience for Sandra due to her having a great support system from her family and friends. As time progressed, she had two more sons, William Everett (1992, Chicago, IL) and Kirvin Parks (1997, Fort Hood, TX). After she had first son in 1992, Sandra joined the Army. During her time in the army, she had the chance to leave the US for the first time in her life.  She believes that’s where love of traveling began.  Since then she’s traveled the world visiting every continent except Africa and Antarctica, Sandra learned the importance of what it means to serve and protect while on active duty and have spent the majority of her life doing just that.


As years passed, Sandra started several businesses such as an Income Tax Business, An Etiquette school, an Accounting & Technology Place Business, as well as becoming a motivational speaker.  Entrepreneur has always been the way and she always encouraged to get an education and start their own businesses as well.  The purpose of any business that she started was always to help others achieve their entrepreneur stance as well. 

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